Background: is run by Owner-Operator Steven Reifsteck. No one knows how old Reifsteck really is.. Reifsteck was found in the woods, estimated to be around 5 years old at the time, being raised by Pigman. He was discovered with only an old RCA camcorder and a copy of ‘Shrek’ on VHS.

10 years later, Reifsteck remembered Pigman and what he believed to be his dad. This was when Reifsteck decided to dedicate his life to finding Pigman and documenting his life with his RCA camcorder from that point forward.

Reifsteck originally started filming ‘Pigman: The Documentary’ but got sidetracked because of drugs. During a period of indulging in LSD and prostitution, Reifsteck created

After a mind-altering experience, he got back on track and tracked down Pigman. Pigman decided he was done with his adopted son and convinced Reifsteck to keep working on
Reifsteck now makes VHS tapes for a living, focusing on making the best source of art and entertainment for everyone.. Forever..

Present Day: is a powerhouse of entertainment; makes music, movies and art! is venturing into the distribution services sector for small-time indie movie makers, specializing in short-run VHS and DVD duplication for the little guy.

Contact us if you’d like your movie to be considered for distribution! isn’t an actor but will still be in your project. Contact us if you’d like Janice to make an appearance in your film. makes synth music; Have score your next big film! is on IMDB; Go give McMurder a horrible rating!